Meet Illustrator Victoria Jones

Victoria Jones IllustratorIt’s time to introduce another of our talented illustrators! Victoria Jones is busy working on a couple of new ranges for us.

At the moment she is in Australia designing bits and bobs for surfwear brand Billabong and working on our new wedding stationery ranges in her spare time.

blossom flower floral wedding stationery

Here are a couple of preview drawings that Victoria has sent over showing you what the range will look like when it’s finished. We think her work is beautiful and would love to know what you think. Please leave your comments below!

rose wedding stationery beautiful floral flower victoria jones illustrator


The new wedding stationery ranges will be released this summer.

Here is a little about Victoria and her work:

Victoria Jones is a freelance illustrator and designer from the South of England, UK.

Vicki graduated with a BA (Hons) Illustration from University College Falmouth in 2009 and has since been working mainly within the active boards sports fashion industry, designing prints and graphics for a range of international brands. Previous clients include names such as Nikita, Saltrock and Red Bull.

Her art is inspired by all things natural and beautiful. A passion for the environment runs deep in her work. Organic flowing lines combine with earthy tones to create art that is feminine, fresh and unique. As well as her illustration, Vicki also branches out into graphic design, photography and fashion design.

And here is a quote about Victoria from Fussed Magazine:

“Victoria Jones is a multi-talented artist, turning her hand successfully to photography, graphic design, illustration, and fashion design. Her imaginative illustrations are noticeably influenced by her interests in nature, the environment and her surroundings in Cornwall. Jones describes herself as a freelance illustrator and designer who, in the three years since graduation from University College Falmouth, has garnered attention from a variety of active sports related companies.

Victoria Jones’s imaginative and individual style can be clearly seen in all of her illustrations. Many of these creations feature animals and flowers that have been beautifully sketched in imaginative ways: realistic figures such as deer and people share space with digitally added flowers, and fantastic colours and shapes. The unfinished lines and dynamic shading that also frequent her work create a natural flow that brilliantly reflects the organic nature of her subjects. Just as flora and fauna are not separate from the ground they are planted in, Victoria’s subjects are as much a part of their background and canvas as they are being displayed on it. Each of her creations are coloured in earthy tones that also reflects this idea beautifully, further allowing this natural integration to happen.”

-Fussed Magazine

 If you would like to be the first to know when Victoria’s gorgeous work will be available at The Wedding Stationery Co then please get in touch or head over to our Facebook page and give us a ‘Like’.





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